5 Important Tips for Creating an Effective TV Commercial

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We’ve all seen the typical local television commercials. Many of these advertisements are hired out by local news stations or media services. They come to your location and shoot a commercial, letting you present your business – usually in the form of a speech by the owner. 

How many car dealership commercials have you seen like this?  What about local retail stores? Maybe at the end of the ad, they even present a special offer for you to mention when visiting the store.

Yes, these commercials are very typical…but you don’t want to be typical!  You have a unique brand with its own qualities, and you want to effectively portray your business. We know just where to start!

Here are five great ideas for making a TV commercial stand out among the crowd:

  1. Tell a story

If you really want to stand out, come up with an engaging story and hire a professional video crew to shoot the commercial almost like a short movie. This will entice the audience to stay tuned to see what happens. Just make sure your brand ties in well with the story. At the end of the 30 seconds, an audience will better remember your message if you’ve taken them somewhere.

  1. Hire an on-screen presence
Too many business owners cut costs on their TV spots by presenting the information themselves, despite being uncomfortable with on-camera/public speaking. You could appear nervous in the commercial, you may have trouble remembering the lines, or the footage might not even be usable if you speak too quietly or in a monotone.
Hire someone who can play to the audience and understands your business well enough to present a relatable character. Audiences respond to commercials that they can identify with more than any other TV spot.
  1. Entertain the audience

In the age of online, commercial-free television services, audiences are more exasperated by commercials than ever. This means that TV spots need to work even harder to hold an audience’s attention.

If you can make it funny, you’ll win them over immediately. Just make sure your brand is the main focus of the commercial. Plenty of people can remember a funny commercial, but they can’t remember what it was advertising. If you tie in your brand the right way, keeping the humor relevant to the brand, you’ll be fine.

  1. Find a direction.
What’s the difference between a Gatorade commercial and the Volkswagen commercial with the Star Wars kid? We remember both of the brands just fine, but they’re vastly different commercials.
Answer: They achieve completely different moods to appeal to their respective target audience.  First, figure out to whom you’re catering your commercial. Then, come up with a creative direction that will appeal to this group. If you’re trying to sell a premium family sedan, using a hilariously cute kid in a costume would be fitting.
If you’re selling an athlete-oriented, refreshing beverage, it would be best to present the drink as a tough, resilient tool in a workout montage or a frenetic track race. If you’re promoting a special sale or discount for your retail store, encourage the audience to hurry up and take advantage of the deal with some humorous representation of a “stampede” of customers taking over the store.  Just figure out your goal, and let it lead to your approach for the commercial.  You have the power!
NOTE: Certain creative firms can help you figure out a direction for your commercial while others can completely take care of it for you!

  1. Fully understand your brand before you make a TV commercial
You can have a hilarious script, the best actors in town, and a crew that shoots the coolest-looking scenes ever.  Yet, it will all fall flat if you don’t have an established brand.
TV commercials are great for introducing new brands, and they’re awesome at continuing a relationship with customers. After all the bells and whistles, it’s your brand that will make you stand out the most.
If an audience watches two hours of television, they’ll see an average of four or five commercials for four different furniture stores, including yours. They’ll remember yours the most because it told a comical story of a wife leading her bewildered husband through the huge variety of furniture. They’ll laugh and discuss it.  Will they remember the name of your furniture store?
Take the time to establish your brand.  If you stand out in all aspects of your marketing, a TV commercial will be no problem at all. Get a marketing and branding firm to help you establish your brand and make sure you have a relationship going with customers and prospects.  Once you do this, you’ll stand out exactly the way you want to…effectively and memorably!
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